What do we understand bots? These are bots of search engines and moderators of their advertising services (google adwords, yandex direct, bing, amazon, facebook etc.), moderators of payment systems, bots checkers and moderators of various antiviruses, bots checkers of phishing pages, etc.


ip now in antibot database
blacktds Cloud TDS with an antibot filter. Filtering by ISP, referer, hardware id, anti-bot database, in which more than 400000000 ip antivirus, cloud and checkers bots at this stage.
Placed in one click hidden code to use on any domains\sites for traffic filtering and hiding your HTML code.
API for checking traffic in real time for any of your needs. Full filtering and clearing from bots in real time.
TDS flow cost (first day of order until midnight for free (GMT+3) - $16/day, $35/5 days ($7 per day), $60/10 days ($6 per day), $150/30 days ($5 per day), $360/90 days ($4 per day), $540/180 days ($3 per day), $740/year ($2 per day).
[24/11/2019] A light version of the anti-bot protection was tested and fully launched for those who complained about a large amount of filtered traffic. Read 10a) in the FAQ.



A light version of the anti-bot protection was tested and fully launched for those who complained about a large amount of filtered traffic. Read 10a) in the FAQ.


A new version 9.0 of the engine has been launched. Many improvements and innovations. Write to techsupport via telegram, jabber often falls off. Auto-completion works after 3 network confirmations, sometimes there is a delay longer than usual, if you want it right away - write to telegrams, manually speed up this process. We work for you!


Account balance auto-completion has been introduced using Bitcoin, Bcash ABC, Bytecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, Peercoin, Ripple, Zcash.


The new version of the engine is running. Version 8.1 activates new real-time analysis methods and reduces false positives. Added new IP to the database from respected customers, thanks. We work for you!


The newest Bots\Antivirus\Checkers system real-time prints analysis activated. More than 150 thousand prints and 400 million IP. Now our work is aimed at reducing false positives, we will achieve a minimum in the new version of the engine! We work and rejoice! BLACKTDS.


Launched a new ISP\ASN IP range allowed filter for unconditional admission. Updated geo and ISP\ASN database. The principle of LIVE autodetection of antiviruses and moderators of several especially important services is improved, new key features of behavior are added.


The MARIO encoder implemented its 7.2 version of the mario-antibotcheker, and it has already been added to the streams. Updated the FAQ in the account, updated the system codes, a few days and will earn a new traffic filter. We remind you! Always contact support if you are not 100% sure that everything was done right! While the blockchain is not stable money autoload works 50\50, unsubscribe when transferring finances pls. We work!


Hooray! Increased to almost 100% auto detection of bots for both codes, improved auto detection of google, nod, trustgo and kaspersky.


A new jabber contact has been added due to the frequent failure of exploit.im, the main jabber is now blacktds@thesecure.biz. Added a few new bot traps, the best protection from checkers and bots with us in Internet.


Fully improved interaction with FastFlux. Fully tested cloning mode of any site in real time (4) and connected to the working codes. Now you can use codes on old servers (PHP <5.4), write to support, advise. FAQ has been improved; if you have been working for a long time, we recommend you to read it.


A new 7th version of mario-antibotcheker launched. Many invisible innovations, traps and search optimization in real time. Whitelist increased to 3 IP. Improved FAQ. Added to the cloud a few more servers, uptime 100%.


With the help of new traps and an updated real-time behavior detection system, over 30 million IP addresses and over 5,000 fingerprint definitions have been added to our antibot database - BLACKLIST DB BOT. We continue!


Updated FAQ and user experience with the system. Added 3 new traps for overly clever bots. API made absolutely universal. Working!


Added 1 Whitelist IP for the test of work in the flow settings section, all asked for a long time, we did. Added + 1 unique filter, increased anti-bot protection. Always contact support before launching if you are not 100% sure that you have done everything correctly, a lot of nuances for work, the enemies do not sleep and send their unsure check requests ...


Suddenly! The MARIO encoder implemented its 6.3 version of the mario-antibotcheker, and it has already been added to the streams. Whats new? Everything! Codes are better to update, but the old ones also work. Always contact support if you are not 100% sure that everything has been done correctly, a lot of work nuances, enemies are not sleeping ... :)


Coder MARIO embodied its 5.9 version of the mario-antibotcheker, and it has already been added to the system work. Updated the FAQ in the account, updated API and API Blacklist DB codes. Always contact support if you are not 100% sure that everything has been done correctly, a lot of work nuances, enemies are not sleep...:)


Full support for antibot filtering is built into the API modes of our system, and now full API statistics now work. Always contact support if you are not 100% sure that everything is done correctly.


The protection of your php codes and files on your server and the instructions in your account on their use have been updated. It is strongly RECOMMENDED to use, the protection will become MAXIMUM.


Added more than 4000000 new checkers to the database. Security has been strengthened, after 7-10 days after the last access with an inactive account, we deactivate access, as there are many attempts to find accounts/passwords. Write to Support to reactivate. Updated anti-cheat protection from "tricky" bots.


We continue to work, added several new filters to BLACKTDS ANTIBOT CLOACKING SYSTEM, added a new antibot filter based on our latest development, added more than 2000000 new checkers to the database.


Launched the newest 5.5 version of mario-antibotcheker. The bandwidth of servers is increased again, uptime is 100%. Added more than 5000000 new checkers to the database.


Coder MARIO embodied its 5.0 version of the mario-antibotcheker, it has already been added to the streams. Updated the FAQ in the account. The mode of copying the code of any site to create a copy in real time, using all anti-bot and TDS filters, has been completely improved.


Added more than a million IP and hardware id of new antivirus, search and moderator checkers to the database. Added several servers to the cloud, 100% uptime.


Version 4.0 of mario-antibotcheсker is launched. NEW MODE - CLONING (receiving) remote HTML code with the ability to CHANGE it in real time !!! Restored built-in landings with auto detection of user language. Added variables to identify incoming streams. Full protection of your solutions from antiviruses, checkers, bots and moderators in real time.


Coder MARIO embodied its 3.9 version of the mario-antibotchecker, it has already been added to the streams. Soon, in version 4.0 we will restore the built-in landings. Full protection against antiviruses, checkers and bots. Welcome.


In connection with the latest Chrome updates completely disabled the work through js. All redirect and html codes have been updated. Disconnected old built-in Lend, updated faq. We remind you that we filter by ISP, referer, hardware id, anti-bot database, which has more than 265000000 ip antivirus, cloud and checker bots at this stage.


Coder MARIO embodied its 3.0 version of the mario-antibotcheker, it is already added to the streams. Updated the FAQ in the account with screenshots of examples of work. Full invisible filtering with redirects and no redirects. 100% anonymity and invisible code work from the outside.


A new algorithm for determining hidden antivirus bots has been implemented. For 2 weeks they caught and added more than 4 million IP and hardware id to the database. Added new servers to the cloud, the total bandwidth is increased to 4 Gbit.


Added more than 2 million IP and hardware id of newly appeared and new antivirus and search checkers to the database. Updated the software and improved the overall performance of the entire system on a 1 Gbit channel.


Updated php code for all versions of server software. If that that worked not so with transfer of through variables - now all is excellent. Increased the full channel to 1 Gbit for both codes and API.


Added more than 1500000 new checkers to the database, improved the realtime antibot checker - it works like a clock. Increased several times the bandwidth of the server, uptime 100%.


Coder MARIO embodied its second version of the mario-antibotchecker, it is already added to the streams and began to collect new more cunning bugs of go0gle and cloud antiviruses. The full possibility of invisible work without redirects, complete anonymous, 100% invisible code.


The database of accounts has been cleared. Can not login? Apply to support - will activate again. Updated realtime anti-bot checker. The full possibility of invisible work without redirects, complete anonymous, 100% invisible code.


Completely updated and connected all workmodes of the system for a new invisible code. Recall that the old visible inJS and JS codes within a few hours will be disabled. For all terms, when something did not work, contact support - add a lease time or make a test period.


Completely redesigned security system. Changed the system code, now it is completely invisible, there is no need to change and add your domains for the code. Old visible inJS and JS codes will work until June 22nd and then will be disabled.


Improved stability and bandwidth, changed API code for filtering bots and checkers in real time on your site. Added a new anti-AV checker to the filters.


Added HTML mode for hiding your HTML code in real time. The flow code has been changed, the old one will work until June 12. Added FAQ in the account.


The MARIO coder embodied the his own first version of the mario-antibotchecker, it is already added to the streams and is intensively collecting bots, more than 12 million for 3 days. Improved API for remote our anti-bot database queries.


Refined user-friendly interface. Added a prohibiting filter, which works in conjunction with the allowed. Added a new autoantibot checker to the filters.


Added a new mode DownloadFile. Updated the database AV checker (added almost 24 million ip from AntiAVGroup). Happy Victory Day and Peaceful Sky over your head! Yours BlackTDS team


Global security update on https://blacktds.com and many innovations. The ability to check ip through the API of the account, the ability to load files from their links, adding balances in account through automatic services, the intuitive arrangement of settings in the account. Join the global BlackTDS network !!!


The schedule of technical support from May 1 to May 10 is free, if possible we will be online. Added more than 10 million ip googlebots and other av-checkers.


We congratulate the ideological mastermind and the main developer on his birthday! We give + 25% to order / renew any package of our service. The offer is active until May 1.


Due to unplanned technical work in the data center, our service was unavailable for 4 hours, everything was decided. Write to technical support + 2 days for rent.


We were joined by the best MARIO in the net. Are we working? Oh sure. Let"s use new ideas. Test your flow easily - the test mode is already in the LC.


The system of end-to-end transmission of UTM-tags through the redirect mode has been improved. Now absolutely all GET variables are passed.


Added 550k IP of Kaspеrsky and Gооgle checkers. At the moment we connect automatic reception BTC, will be soon available in lс.


Current contacts with support: Jabber - BlackTDS@exploit.im or Telegram - @BlackTDS.


Due to the fact that our system is already quite well known go to BlackTDS research from today we close for a while the test period and one-day package of services. We invite serious customers to cooperate for packages from 10 days.


Much updated the engine, now the bots are filtered not only on anti-bot databases and a unique auto-completion script but also heuristically, according to the so-called hardware ID. Antivirus bots are completely rendered harmless. Use our system as a filter between incoming traffic and your domain and it will not fall into any bases.


Increased the speed of work and the amount of traffic passed, adding another server to the cloud of the TDS. Added about 270k subnets of IP bots / scanners / AV / checkers. Today, our anti-bot database is more than 172 million ip, which is an absolute record among such services - passing your traffic through BlackTDS can be sure - except for live traffic, no one will pass.


Added the domain manager in lc. Now you can bind any number of domains to the flow itself. If you need an https certificate, contact support.


Attention! Updates - fakes now work on all browsers, detailed statistics on file jumps.


We have achieved almost complete clean non-spontaneity of domains and files from G00gle Safe Br0wsing, AV and others. Updated the download file, almost lost the alert about the dangerous file.


Added about 500k IP bots / scanners / AV / checkers / Tor subnets, and this is more than 127 million bots ip. Updated ip addresses of servers.


Updated the kernel, autodetection AV bots. On the domain of the flow you can now host any content from third-party https sites. Soon - the domain manager and the intelligent flow starter.


Successfully updated the system, the security of your files from bots, improved auto-detection of bots. Added a new fake full-screen player with the ability to put any content jpg/gif.


Connected the latest IP database from respected colleagues, added more than 567,000 entries of IP checkers and search bots. Added a button in cabinet to add IP from the statistics to the database.


Updated the database of the bot checkers. We launch the action today - a month of work for only $ 80! Write to contacts.


We congratulate all respected readers on the past holidays. We continue to work. Cloud TDS at your service.


We left the private and opened for all users. The system contains initially the base of ip addresses and referrers of exchanges and some scanners. Constantly replenished.

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